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A glimpse into our company, through the eyes of one of our brilliant interns—

A glimpse into our company, through the eyes of one of our brilliant interns—

Just a short three weeks ago, I was staring at chalkboards with my head in a daze.
My texts lacked punctuation, my motivation was minimal and my backpack sat idly in my car for a week and a half.

Any doctor could diagnose this sickness just by noting my excessive use of Netflix. Any one of my fellow seniors could recognize these common symptoms. It was clear that I had been overtaken by “senioritis.”

It was inescapable and overburdening and ever-increasing. I could barely perform any task that required effort.

But then I found myself at The Two Oh Three, and without even realizing, I was on a road to recovery.

I whipped my writing skills back into shape, my motivation began to return to form and my backpack finally saw the light of day. I had successfully escaped the confined world as a student and started my intern life.

Now, I jump out of bed to embark on my intern adventures to film at a new Connecticut beach. I happily click-clack my fingers across my keyboard, typing away in social media-oriented excel sheets. I test the best ice creams and donuts around and study their flavors.

I don’t sit in a classroom anymore. I don’t even sit at a desk. As an intern for The Two Oh Three, the world is my office space.

It’s crazy to think that working can be therapeutic when it is what caused senioritis in the first place, right?

These days, I am senioritis-free and spending my days spreading the CT pride. Whether it is counting inventory or using my creative mind, it is clear to see that I have been cured.

My name is Julia Greenspan, and with The Two Oh Three, I have overcome my case of senioritis.

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