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8 Best Pizza Joints in CT -- The 203 takes on National Pizza Day!

Guess what today is!? National Pizza Day!! In honor of this tasty day, we thought we’d round up some of our favorite local pizza joints— with help from some of our favorite food bloggers!

1. Colony Grill (Stamford, Norwalk, Fairfield, Milford): Colony is our go-to pizza joint. It's an addiction. They have locations all over CT, so it's nearly impossible to NOT know about this legendary CT pizza spot! (You can’t miss their hot oil pizza)

@wanderfordelicious “The Hot Oil Pizza at Colony Grill is not only delicious but iconic to  Stamford. Whoever I eat at Colony, I truly feel at home.”

Photo from @ColonyGrill

2. Dough Girls Food Truck (Greenwich, CT): Can you believe they make their own dough, sauce, fresh mozzarella, and seasonal toppings? Trust us, you HAVE to try their pie! Catch them rolling up to local events all over CT!

Photo @TheStelios

3. Brewport (Bridgeport, CT): Think; converted warehouse brewery meets lively pizza joint. 

Photo: @BrewportCT

4. Pepe’s (New Haven + Fairfield CT) These guys definitely put Connecticut on the map for having some of the BEST pies.

@mywanderingpalate “Everyone knows about Pepe’s Clam pie, but in the summer the must try is their French Tomato pie!

Photo from @mywanderingpalate

5. Locali (New Canaan, CT): This local gem serves the most interesting and delicious topping combos!

@_foodiewithabooty “Reasons to love Lovali: 1) You can snag a bar seat to watch your pizza be made 2) The menu changes at least twice a year based on what's in season 3) They understand the importance of using other cheeses besides Mozzarella.” 

Photo by @Localipizzabar

6. Fire Engine Pizza (Bridgeport, CT)Located in the heart of Blackrock, this pizza is a late night favorite and offers some of the coolest combos! You will often find their converted fire engine pizza truck cooking pizzas outside of the restaurant. May we suggest trying the mash potato pie?

@yummydomain “Truly innovative and tasty. Try the Mr. Miaygi pizza. It has a Thai chili sauce  which gives it a nice flavor and you get a nice crunch from the Ramen.”

Photo by @FireEnginePizza

7. Urban Street Pizza (Bookfield, CT): This new spot makes the most unique pizzas, inspired by popular street foods- yeah you read that right!

Photo by @shamikapandit

8. Belltown Pizza (Stamford, CT): You that one spot in town that’s been there forever and never disappoints? That’s Belltown, who’s been in Stamford since 1994!

@heystamford “While the pizza debate continues on in CT, I think you would be hard pressed to find a bad slice in Stamford. That said, our go to spot for a continuously great pizza in Stamford is Belltown. A traditional Italian pizza, with a great crust, homemade sauce, and just enough grease, you can't go wrong.”

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