203 Turkish Towels

Style: Tie Dye
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Our limited-edition Turkish Towels are lightweight, ultra-absorbent, and quick-drying, and double as a picnic blanket or throw blanket. 

We love that they pack down to the size of a burrito to fit comfortably in a beach bag or small carry-on bag, with plenty of room to spare — making them the ideal traveling buddy and perfect for any adventure. 

OPTIONS: Our Pink, Blue, and Turquoise options feature a gorgeous woven pattern and hand-tied tassels. They are a thicker weight than the tie-dye towels, and double as a beautiful throw blanket! 

Features: Oversized, multi-functional, 100% cotton, handwoven, machine washable, packable, lightweight. 

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Turkish Towels

I was a believer in traditional beach towels until I was gifted two of these! They take up less than half the space of my old towels and dry so quickly. I'll never go back!

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